Insert Seat Fillers Pro through the seatbelt catch using the rectangular slot in the back of the fillers. Pinch back the seat, push them all the way down, and tuck 'em in nicely. If you are a BMW-lover or otherwise have straight/parallel seat gap - skip the "pinch seat" step. P.S. Make sure that the P-shaped filler's flat side is facing the center console, and the curvy side is facing the seat.


Did everything right but still got a tough time getting Seat Fillers Pro "down there"? Don't you worry! Recline the seat to fully to open up the gap between your seat and center console. You can even sit in the opposite seat when installing to make sure that the other seat is not pushing up to the console.


Too loose or too tight - we want to make it just right! If Seat Fillers Pro fit too loosely, move the seat slightly forward/up. If they feel too tight on the car, move the seats back/down. You don't have to move them to the point where it becomes unusual or uncomfortable to drive - small moves make a big difference.


Do you really need to remove your fillers? I can’t think of a reason, I guess car seat gaps do get hungry for phones after a while. Anyway, if you must, you can do it in 3 seconds. Pry the filler up from the front to the back, until both your hands can get under the seat belt slot. Pull it out from under the seatbelt catch, and the entire filler will easily pop off. Seat Fillers Pro are infinitely reusable.

  • Warning: Do not install or remove Seat FIllers Pro while operating a vehicle. Doing so may cause driver distraction and injury. Keep eyes on the road!

  • Seat Fillers Pro are made with soft vegan leather. Moving the seat while they are installed will cause no damage to the center console or the seat.

  • Seat Fillers Pro can be used even if you have cables running down between the car seats and center console. Simply push them up to the console & install as usual.